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Контакт ARX Bucks

About the ARXBUCKS.com Affiliate Program

Who are affiliates?

Affiliates are Webmasters and Site Owners who promote arxbucks.com websites. Ever Webmaster that joins the arxbucks.com program is assigned an Affiliate ID. This Affiliate ID will identify traffic generated by your link codes. Your unique identification ID will ensure accurate tracking and payments.

How much can I earn?

Webmasters with small sites can earn $1k-$3k per month. High traffic websites can earn $5k or more per month with some.

Your earnings will depend on your time and effort. New affiliates should be able to earn at least $1000/month, working 2-3 hours/day, within 3-6 months.

What are the program options?

Up to 60% Revshare

Our Revshare program starts at a rate of 50%. You will earn 50% on both sales and on all re-bills for the life of the membership. The more sales you send, the higher your payout percentage. A webmaster who generates 100-399 sales a month will receive 55% commission. Any webmaster who does 400+ sales per month will get a 60% commission on all sales and re-bills.

5% Webmaster Referral Program

Refer an affiliate to arxbucks.com and earn 5% of all futures sales made by that affiliate!

Will it cost me anything?

Nope. The arxbucks.com affiliate program allows you to make money without any effort. You only need to take a few minutes to register and then place a banner or other promotional tools on your website to instantly start making money!

How do I get paid and how often?

We send checks, and paxum transfers bi-weekly on the 1st and 16th of each month (or first business day after a weekend)! Simply select the payment method that you prefer from the sign-up page. You can also change it inside the affiliate program after you've created your account.

What is the minimum payment amount?

The minimum payout amount is $100.00 due to policies with out payout partners.

Are taxes included in my commissions?

No. As an independent contractor it is your duty to report any and all earnings. Please seek advice from a local accountant or tax professional.

Do I need to be incorporate or have a business license?

No. We can send payments to you as an individual.

Are there any legal concerns?

We accept affiliates from all countries. Please check with your jurisdication to make sure you are complying with all local rules regarding promoting adult affiliate programs.

Please email us at affiliate@arxbucks.com with any questions or concerns.